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Niche Blog Challenge Weekly Update 7 of 35

by Jonathan on December 19, 2011 · 0 comments

Niche Blog ChallengeWell, I decided to take this past week off and just let my niche articles fly in the wind, so to speak. I didn’t publish any new content nor did I create any new back linking articles. This next week I will probably make up for that by doing two weeks worth of workload…all before Thursday night because I have Friday off from work and we are heading to Minnesota for a little over a week.

Current Stats Update

When I logged in to see my stats, I was greeted by a semi-nice surprise, although it was only for one article. The last article that I wrote has gotten more traffic than any of the previous articles that I’ve written. This just goes to prove that some topics are much better to write about than others.

I also added a couple of new stats to my stat table. One is the Last Week’s Traffic stat and it will just show last weeks Search Traffic, so you can see how much of an increase that page has gotten.

The other is the Ranking Change stat. This will show the change in Google ranking for the past week.


Article - This is the Article Name. Take a look at the archive if you’d like to see them.
Search Ranking- This is the current ranking the article has in Google.
Ranking Change- This is the one week change for this page in Google when the article’s keyword is searched for.
Search Traffic- This is the total search traffic that the article has gotten since last week’s update.
Last Week’s Traffic- This is the one week increase in search traffic that I have seen.
Total Traffic - The total number of search traffic combined for all these articles. This is the top box in the ‘Search Traffic’ column.
Total Revenue - The range of money that these articles have made – this will not be exact.

Niche Blog Challenge Stats

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