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Niche Blog Challenge Weekly Update 6 of 35

by Jonathan on December 12, 2011 · 2 comments

Niche Blog UpdateThis past week, the trickle of search traffic has started, but it’s a very slow trickle. I’ve received a total of 15 hits from Google across all four articles that have been launched since I decided this was the way to go with my challenge. The one thing that sticks out with these articles is how slow they are to move up the ranks. I’m very interested to find out what will happen down the road for their ranking.

The article that I wrote this past week is not even indexed yet, but the other three are sitting about where I expect. The one article that wasn’t ranking last week is now on page 3. The other two have moved down a couple of slots. We will see how they fair down the road.

I’m thinking that one thing I need to do is to increase the reputation of CentsToShare in Google’s eyes. I believe that I have a page rank of 1, which isn’t that great. Getting up to a 2 or 3 would certainly help boost the ranking of these articles. That can only be done through a lot of blogging everyday and getting great links. So this is also going to be a focus of mine.

Change I Made Last Week

Last week, I wrote one more article – 20 Simple Exercises To Do At Home, around the keywords ‘Simple Exercises To Do At Home’. The search volume is pretty good for this keyword, but I’m trying something a little different in regards to the number of search results. Instead of focusing on the keywords without quotes, I’m going with quotes instead, as this is a little more accurate in telling the number of people competing for search hits.

I also wrote 2 different back linking articles. One goes to my coupon page and the other goes to the Truvia page. This is going to be something that I try to do each week as well, as back linking is critical to gaining in Google’s rankings. Back linking is a way of saying “I think this article is great”, and the higher the rank of the linking site, the more influence it has on the article. That’s why as time goes on, a good article will gain rankings because natural back linking will happen.

Current Stats Update


Article - This is the Article Name. Take a look at the archive if you’d like to see them.
Search Ranking - This is the current ranking the article has in Google.
Search Traffic- This is the total search traffic that the article has gotten since last week’s update.
Total Traffi - The total number of search traffic combined for all these articles. This is the top box in the ‘Search Traffic’ column.
Total Revenue - The range of money that these articles have made – this will not be exact.

Stats Update





Again, not a large jump in anything significant other than I actually have search traffic this week. Booya! I just need to figure out how to get these articles to start ranking better. I may make some updates to the articles and add more information. Googles loves original content and older articles. Time is on my side with this.

*Note – Please do not search for these keywords and click on my article. This will drastically skew the results of my challenge. Thanks!*

Do you have any thoughts on how to increase the ranking of my niche articles? Feel free to leave a comment.

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