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I Got Caught!

by owl on August 8, 2011 · 1 comment

This past weekend was one of the longest I’ve had recently, as we had to drive about 4 hours, one way, to go fill up a U-Haul with reeeeally heavy furniture, junk, and plants, and then haul them back to our place. We ended up getting up at about 5 am on Saturday, and got everything unloaded and the truck back at about 8 pm last night. We had help from family, but it was still extremely tiring, because each of the half dozen or so cabinets were solid oak (and really nice), and probably weighed about 200-300 pounds each. Plus our house is now a mess again, only 2 months after moving in.

If anyone is wondering why we had to do this, my wife’s godmother passed away a couple of weeks ago, and she received a lot of her things, including all furniture, and anything else she wanted in the house.

But anyway, the point of this ramble is to warn everyone out there to pay attention to the signs around you while you are driving, especially in town. When driving to our destination, I was speeding by about 10 mph, (who doesn’t?) and happened to go through a red light camera. Well this camera also turned out to be a speed camera, because as I went through the intersection, which was green by the way, the stupid cameras flashed. So I can be expecting a speeding ticket in the mail. So again, the moral of the story, if you are going to speed, make sure you slow down around any red-light cameras, since they are apparently being converted into speed traps as well. There goes another 100 bucks…

Aside from the unconstitutional trap I drove through this weekend, it turned out to be a pretty good one. Through the sadness of death, new roots can establish themselves when family items are passed down through the ages. We are very fortunate that we won’t have to purchase any furniture for a long time, if ever now.

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