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My Motivation To Blog

by owl on December 15, 2010 · 0 comments

Out of all the hobbies a person can choose to undertake, why would anyone choose to write? I have memories of being in high school and college and hearing all of my peers complaining about having to write book reports, research papers, etc… At times, I even felt this, but more often, I didn’t really care that I had to do the work. I thought it was a little fun, to be able to learn something new, and express my reaction and thoughts on the topic. I didn’t even know what blogging was until a couple of years ago, but never really thought about taking it up as a hobby. That’s obviously changed, though, and I’m glad I decided to jump in the pool.

When I first started blogging about 2 months ago, I never realized that getting comments on my blog, or getting people to like my site on facebook would be such a rush! Every time there is even a small amount of interaction, it lifts my blogging spirits to heights that weren’t previously thought of. It’s especially motivating when I attract the attention of already prominent bloggers, which has happened in the last week or so. Some may akin this to being popular in school, but I’d disagree with that statement. Human beings have a natural urge to be accepted by their peers, but the feeling I get from interacting with other people on this blog has nothing to do with being popular. It’s more a feeling of realizing that someone noticed some hard work that you’ve done, and letting you know they enjoyed experiencing it.

Helping Other People
I have yet to really experience the feeling of helping others through my own financial journey, and the stories I share, but this is one of the main reasons I write. It gives me great motivation to think that something I say, something I have to offer the world, may just help a few people, if not now, then in the future. Just helping to turn around one person’s finances is an extremely powerful source of inspiration for me. This is akin to the interaction point I outlined, but goes a little beyond it. I think it’s general human nature to want to help other people. What better way, than showing how you do something, and coaching others in the process.

Earn a Little Dough
I’ll be honest, if this is anyone’s primary motivation for blogging, you aren’t going to make it very far. It’s very possible to earn some money blogging. Some of the top bloggers out there make 6 figure salaries, but the amount of work that they put into establishing a reader base, and enough traffic to make any money, would have killed their motivation within the first few months, if all they cared about was profits. I can definitely attest to this, as I’ve not even earned enough for one payout. Keeping this goal as a long term one though, does lend a little momentum to the art of blogging. Keep up the work, and it’s very possible.

Learn Something New
One thing that I look forward to each day is logging in to see if anyone has offered additional advice to anything I’ve posted in the past. Having just one person share something, not only helps myself to learn from another perspective, but the same benefit extends to everyone who reads the comment. To everyone who has commented in the past, I thank you for furthering the learning process! To those who haven’t yet, I look forward to anything you have to say. :)

Long Term Journey
I had a thought run through my head last week, something along the lines of “what will this blog be like when I’m 44?” After 20 years of blogging about personal finance, what wisdom will I have gained in that time? How many articles and readers will my site have? I’ve recently been pondering the value of creating a log of my personal financial journey, and being able to look back on it in even 40 years, and it has hit me that, like looking at old photos, this is going to be very important to me. I looked back on a post I wrote about 2 months ago, when I started blogging, and actually enjoyed it, and found some stuff I would have changed, had I wrote it today. The thing about blogging is that, just like the old saying goes, it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. Each post, each comment, is another step in that journey, and I greatly look forward to where it takes me, and with whom I’ll share it. This definitely qualifies as motivation to blog. :)

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