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20 Simple Exercises To Do At Home

by Jonathan · 0 comments

Simple Exercises To Do At HomeStaying in shape is always something that a lot of people want, and make plans to accomplish. Yet why do we keep making the same goals, and failing? The answer is that exercise becomes a chore to us! When people think about exercise, they envision getting into gym clothes, trekking across town to a gym, and spending an hour or more using the equipment. Tack on gym membership fees and exercise isn’t looking very pleasant anymore. You can cut out the expense and the time needed to go to the gym by learning some simple exercises to do at home!

Why You Should Have Simple Exercises To Do At Home

Exercise is such an important part of being a human being, yet most people don’t even realize it. Human beings were meant to move around but a lot of people lead very sedentary lives. This is clearly shown by looking at the level of obesity in the United States. Nearly one out of three people in America is obese! That is the highest level every recorded in the history of humankind, and it’s only rising.

Before the creation of cars, office jobs and television, humans led much more active lives. People would play football outside instead of watching it. We would walk where we needed to go or ride on horseback, which actually take a lot of strength! Everyone had some sort of job that involved a lot more activity that what we have today in corporate America. This is why you should exercise! Our natural lives no longer have natural exercise associated with them, so we must deliberately get our bodies going.

20 Simple Exercises To Do At Home

Exercise doesn’t have to be a debacle – here are 20 excellent, simple exercises to do at home!

Traditional Strength Exercises

1. Pushups - Pushups are one the most basic at home exercises that you can do. Simply drop to your knees, go down on your hands, keep your back straight and move your body up and down. Women typically will do this on their knees, while men like to go on their feet, although there are no rules around this.

2. Sit-ups - Another of the basic forms of exercise, sit-ups are very simple, but are effective in toning your abdominal muscles. Just lay on your back, bend your knees and sit up. You can place your hands anywhere that is comfortable, but most people will put them behind the ear. You will probably want to leverage your feet against something, to place more emphasis on your stomach muscles.

3. Crunches – This is a variation of the sit-up where you only raise your body up about 6 inches, and place even more emphasis on the abs. These are typically more intense in nature and are great, simple exercises to do at home.

4. Lunges - Lunges are an excellent way to tone the muscles in your upper leg. Place one foot out extended behind you, with the toes on the ground and the heel in the air. Sort of like you are on your tippy toes. Place the other foot out in front of you, out far enough so that you can bend your knee. Now, just lower your body and raise it back up again. Try not to lower as far as going below your knee, otherwise it won’t be as effective.

5. Leg Lifts – This is another great example of simple exercises to do at home. There are many variations to the leg lift, but all are similar in nature. Simply lie on your back or your side, and lift one or both of your legs. This will strengthen both your leg muscles and your abdominal muscles.

Traditional Cardio Exercises

6. Air Boxing - This is a great way to get your heart going! What I like to do involves putting on some upbeat music, such as something in the dance or trance genre, and pretend that there is a punching bag in front of me. You can mix it up by moving around, pretending the punching bag is a hanging bag or pretending that it’s a large, floor mounted bag. Just make sure you have a solid floor and lots of room to move around and you should enjoy this simple exercises to do at home.

7. Jog In Place – As an alternative to actually jogging outside or in a gym, running in place actually works very well if you try it out. Jogging is often thought to be the most over-reaching forms of exercise, since it involves so many areas of the body. Again, make sure you have ample room and won’t knock anything over!

8. Dance Routine - Another one of many simple exercises to do at home, there are many free dance routine workouts out on the internet for anyone who wants to give it a shot. If you are looking for other simple exercises to do at home, try looking on Youtube. If you can’t find something you like, just make up your own. Clear out a place in your basement or garage and give those core muscles a 10 to 15 minute workout!

9. Step Routines - A step up routine simulates the act of working out on a stair machine, however, you can do it from the comfort of your living room. The hardest part of this exercise is finding something to step up on! I suggest using a step stool, a very sturdy box, or maybe even the bottom of your staircase. Just step up and then step down again, repeating for as many reps as you want. I would also recommend getting some good music going to keep you in rhythm.

10. Make Up Your Own – The beauty of exercise is that it is very versatile. You can combine any combination of strength exercises together to form an excellent cardio workout. The key is to keep working your body which will keep your heart going, your lungs breathing air and fat leaving your body. Youtube is an excellent place to find this sort of routine as well.

Non-Traditional Exercises To Do At Home

Traditional exercise is usually the easiest thing to think of when it comes to finding simple exercises you can do at home, but there is an entire slew of things you can do at home that don’t fall into traditional exercise, yet still give you a workout.

11. Work In Your Garden - This is a great way to get exercise and get fresh air at the same time. Working in the garden lets you work leg muscles if you bend down to weed. You can also stretch your back out if you crawl on all fours. Just make sure not to stress your back.

12. Cleaning The Kitchen Floor - Instead of cleaning the kitchen floor with a mop, try cleaning it by hand. This may not seem like much fun, but your body will get more of a work out. Your arms will tone up and you can work your core muscles by focusing on keeping your back straight.

13. Standing While Doing Laundry - It has been proven that standing is much healthier than sitting down (unless you stand for too long). So why not stand up while doing the laundry? You’ll keep the fat burning process going rather than letting it stall out when you sit.

14. Clean Your Deck – This falls in the same category as cleaning the kitchen floor, but many people overlook this form of exercise. Your deck can get pretty dirty, and will always need to be touched up. You can even put water sealer down for another jaunt of exercise!

15. Scrub Your Walls – Another cleaning item, but again, this a great way to stretch the muscles in your back and work your arm muscles in order to tone them up. Reaching up higher to get in the corners allows for even more toning.

16. Play With Your Children or Pets – Playing is one of the best ways of exercising that is available in a non traditional sense. Not only is it fun, it keeps us looking and feeling younger. Running around the house gets your heart going and wrestling on the ground certainly works your core muscles. Just don’t hurt others or get hurt! And don’t try wrestling with a cat…

17. Trim Dead Brances From Your Trees - Not only will this make your yard look better, it gets you a little bit of exercise as well. Climbing ladders and even climbing in the tree a little bit will work muscles you didn’t know you had and sawing branches will work you arms and tone them up.

18. Do Your Own Construction – Do you have any repairs or work that needs doing around the house? Doing your own remodeling is not only an excellent way to save a whole bunch of money, it is also another one of the great simple exercises to do at home. Destroying the existing walls and such is such a good form of exercise, you’ll probably be sweating by the end of it.

19. Clean Your Carpet – This is a great way to get exercise, and very similar to numbers 12 and 14. Scrub those stains out of your carpet to get a great workout and have clean carpet at the same time!

20. Scrub The Tub - This is another great example of simple exercises to do at home, and lets you strengthen your back, leg and arm muscles. Plus you will have a clean place to get clean each day.


As you can see there are many simple exercises to do at home if you are willing to get creative! To be honest, nearly everything you do that involves some sort of moving around is a form of exercise. So don’t just sit there on your computer, go do something!


What would you add to this list of simple exercises to do at home?

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