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Debt Free Forever

by owl on June 25, 2015 · 0 comments

In a very lack-luster event, we are now completely (and forever) debt free. Oh well.

It really hasn’t meant much to us to be debt free. The reason is that it makes no difference to our day to day lives. We have essentially been living on only 30-50% of our income, devoting the other 50-70% toward paying off the debts. This has led us to pay off our mortgage, an equity loan and a car loan all in 4.1 years. $113,000 in debts paid off in 4.1 years. Quite a lot of debt balance. So you can expect that after paying off 2 other loans, the third (smallest) is pretty uneventful.

It would be a lot more exciting if that money had gone into investments instead. Watching a balance grow is a lot more satisfying than watching a balance shrink.

So that’s what we have to look forward to going forward. That same 50-70% of our income will now be going into investments so that we can be Financially Independent. We have the ability to invest about 82% of all our income if we really stretch our frugal muscles. We will hit that level some months. Other months we will be down in the 60s. I don’t think we’ll ever drop below 50% savings rate.

The truth, however, is that our investments are going to grow much faster than our debts shrunk. The small amount from compounding coupled with our strengthened frugality and a revised method of budgeting that has simplified everything and made things much more transparent will allow us to grow our investments quicker. We should hit $113,000 in investments in about 2.5 years and beyond that $230,000 in 4.1 years (the same time span as the debt payoff). That is an increase of over 100%.

That’s the power of compounding and ERE.


Forward Annual Income

This week I spent a deal of time working on a method of tracking where we are in our personal ERE story.

I am calling it forward annual income because it is simply the amount of annual income we can expect from “now” going forward given a certain SWR (safe withdrawl rate). For Lending Club our SWR is 7%. For our Dividend Fund, we will simply withdraw the dividends each month, leaving the principal to compound at a 2-4% rate.

Forward Annual Income

You can see our “Now” value is only in the low hundreds (~$300 annually right now). That number will begin to rise with the updates I have in August since at the end of July we will be investing the majority of our income.

The gray line is our projected FAI and the yellow stars are the expected points where we achieve certain goals.

The red line is the amount of FAI to cover our core monthly bills (housing, groceries, etc…). The orange line is the amount of FAI to cover all of our expenses (plus some extra). The green line is the amount where we will have a runaway, truly Financially Free (I don’t need to worry about working ever again) level of FAI and that is the level where I will quit my job and pursue other passions.

My best calculations put us at achieving this level of FAI at the end of 2021 which is only about 6 years away. This all depends on how much we save, but more importantly how much we spend.


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